Founder and Creative Director

Priscila Barros

Priscila Barros is a Southern California based prop stylist and creative director who has been the driving force behind the success of the kids’ fashion magazine Babiekins. After four years of creative directing and prop styling as the Editor-in-Chief of Babiekins Magazine she is now expanding in the children’s market and lending her expertise and eye to other companies.

Priscila has been featured on countless websites and magazines such as Vogue Brazil, Mollie Makes, Mollie Makes Mama, CIFF Kids Magazine, Kidswear Magazine, WGSN, Cosmopolitan and more. When she is not creating props, planning lookbooks or working on an editorial shoot you can find her with her three little curly-headed boys, usually playing LEGOs or eating ice cream.

Connect with Priscila | Website | Instagram  // Image Credit: Angelina Lopez

Senior Copywriting Specialist and Branding Consultant

Gina Munsey

Gina Munsey has been on the Babiekins Magazine editorial team since 2012, and serves as Babiekins Media’s senior copywriting specialist and branding consultant. Born in Mexico, she grew up in the former Yugoslavia, the American Midwest, and Northern California before finding herself in the humidity-drenched landscape of central Florida. A writer, editor, and home educator, Gina has been blogging regularly since 2002. Her creativity and passion for words come together to breathe life into copy for brands throughout the kids’ and family lifestyle, fashion, and decor sectors.

Connect with Gina | Website | Instagram // Image Credit: Priscilla Barbosa

”Why settle for blending in, when you can stand out?”